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PATHS to phonological complexity: Onset clusters in speech production, perception, and disorders (funding ANR-DFG)

ANR-DFG, 2015-2018

PIs: Ioana Chitoran (Clillac-ARP, Paris Diderot) and Marianne Pouplier (IPS, Munich)

The principal aim of our project is to advance our knowledge of how universal aspects of speech production, motor control, and perception are shaped by grammatical differences between the languages of the world. We conduct a cross-linguistic study into the nature of preferred patterns in speech production, their perception, and their manifestation in disordered speech. We capitalize on prosodic and phonotactic differences between four languages (Japanese, French, German, Georgian), in order to investigate the conditions in which preferred production patterns emerge, and how these patterns are perceived. By considering the perceptual recoverability of preferred production patterns, we broaden our understanding of how physiological preferences may be reflected in grammar, and, consequently, how the diversity of the world’s languages arises from a common cognitive and physiological basis.

Pouplier, Lentz, Chitoran, Hoole - Laboratory Phonology 11(1) 2020 The imitation of coarticulatory timing patterns in consonant clusters for phonotactically familiar and unfamiliar sequences
Kwon, Chitoran - Proceedings of ICPhS 2019 Perception of native consonant clusters with non-native phonetic patterns

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