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Gabriel Flambard


2017 (to appear) “A compositional analysis of VP Anaphors”. Anglophonia.

2015 “L’évolution des emplois olfactifs de sentir” (The evolution of “sentir” as an olfactory verb in French). L’Information Grammaticale, 146:13-18, June 2015

Conference presentations

July 2015 “Factors of VPA alternation”. ‘Ellipsis day’ conference, Paris Diderot University, July 9, 2015

June 2015 “English VP anaphors”. Experimental linguistics seminar, Paris Diderot University, June 5, 2015

January 2015 “Saliency and pronoun choice in VP anaphora”, ConSOLE XXIII, Paris Diderot University, January 7-9, 2015.

August 2014 “On the compositionality of the VP anaphor do it”. 3rd conference of the International Society for the Linguistics of English (ISLE), University of Zürich, August 24-27, 2014.

July 2014 “Saliency and the choice between do it, do this and do that”. 5th UK Cognitive Linguistics Conference, Lancaster University, July 29-31, 2014.

May 2014 “Compositionnalité de l’anaphore verbale do it” (A compositional analysis of the VP anaphor “do it”). 54th Annual workshop of the Association for English Linguistics in Higher Education (ALAES). University of Caen, May 16-18, 2014.

April 2014 “L’évolution des emplois olfactifs de sentir” (The evolution of “sentir” as an olfactory verb). International conference “La perception en langue et en discours” (Perception in language and discourse). University of Warsaw, April 23-26, 2014.

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