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Selected publications

  • Chitoran, I. (in press) Phonological variation and change in Romanian. In M. Loporcaro and F. Gardani (Eds.) The Oxford Encyclopedia of Romance Linguistics, Oxford University Press
  • Chitoran, I., H. Yoo, G. Turco. 2020. Durational effects of boundaries in Italian fricatives. In M. Tiede, D. Whalen, V. Gracco (Eds.) Proceedings of ISSP 2020. New Haven, CT, 14-18 December 2020
  • Crouch, C., A. Katsika, I. Chitoran. 2020. The role of sonority profile and order of place of articulation on gestural overlap in Georgian. Speech Prosody 10, Tokyo, Japan, 205-209 pdf
  • Pouplier, M., T. O. Lentz, I. Chitoran, P. Hoole. 2020. The imitation of coarticulatory timing patterns in consonant clusters for phonotactically familiar and unfamiliar sequences. Laboratory Phonology 11:1. 1-41. DOI:pdf
  • Kwon, H. and I. Chitoran. 2019. Perception of native consonant clusters with non-native phonetic patterns. S. Calhoun, P. Escudero, M. Tabain, P. Warren (Eds.) Proceedings of ICPhS 2019, Melbourne. pdf
  • Vasilescu, I., I. Chitoran, B. Vieru, M. Adda-Decker, M. Candea, L. Lamel, O. Niculescu. 2019. Studying variation in Romanian: Deletion of the definite article -l in continuous speech. Linguistics Vanguard 5:1. pdf
  • Chitoran, I. and S. Marin. 2018. Vowels and diphthongs – The articulatory and acoustic structure of Romanian nuclei. M. Gibson et J. Gil (Eds.) Contemporary Studies in Romance Phonetics and Phonology. Oxford University Press. pdf
  • Chitoran, I., I. Vasilescu, L. Lamel, B. Vieru. 2018. Connected speech in Romanian: Exploring sound change through an ASR system. Daniel Recasens and Fernando Sánchez Miret (Eds.) Production and perception mechanisms of sound change. München: Lincom Europa. 129-143
  • Chitoran, I. 2016. Relating the sonority hierarchy to articulatory timing patterns : A cross-linguistic perspective. Martin J. Ball and Nicole Müller (Eds.). Challenging sonority: Cross-linguistic evidence, Equinox Publishing, pp.45-62, Studies in Phonetics and Phonology preprint
  • Hualde, J.I. & I. Chitoran. 2016. Surface sound and underlying structure : The phonetics-phonology interface in Romance languages. S. Fischer and C. Gabriel (Eds.) Manual of grammatical interfaces in Romance, Mouton de Gruyter, pp.23-40 pdf
  • Chitoran, I. & M. Tiede. 2013. Gestural reorganization under rate pressure interacts with learned language-specific phonotactics. Acoustical Society of America. Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics. POMA 19 pdf
  • Chitoran, I. 2012. The nature of historical sound change. In Cohn, A.C, C. Fougeron, M. Huffman (Eds.) The Handbook of Laboratory Phonology. Oxford University Press. 311-321 pdf
  • Chitoran, I. et A.C. Cohn. 2009. Complexity in phonetics and phonology: Gradience, categoriality, and naturalness. In F. Pellegrino, E. Marsico, I. Chitoran, C. Coupé (Eds.) Approaches to Phonological Complexity. Mouton de Gruyter. 21-46 pdf
  • Goldstein, L., H. Nam, E. Saltzman, I. Chitoran. 2009. Coupled oscillator planning model of speech timing and syllable structure. In G. Fant, H. Fujisaki, J. Shen (Eds.) Frontiers in Phonetics and Speech Science. Beijing. 239-249 pdf
  • Chitoran, I and K. Iskarous. 2008. Acoustic evidence for high vowel devoicing in Lezgi. In Sock, Fuchs, Laprie (Eds.) Proceedings of the 8th International Seminar on Speech Production. Strasbourg, France, 8-12 December 2008. 93-96 pdf
  • Chitoran, I and J. I. Hualde. 2007. From hiatus to diphthong: The evolution of vowel sequences in Romance. Phonology 24:1, 37-75 pdf
  • Chitoran, I. and A. Babaliyeva. 2007. An Acoustic Description of High Vowel Syncope in Lezgian. Proceedings of the 16th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences. Saarbrücken, Germany, August 2007. 2153-2156 pdf
  • Goldstein, L., I. Chitoran and E. Selkirk. 2007. Syllable structure as coupled oscillator modes: Evidence from Georgian vs. Tashlhyit Berber. Proceedings of ICPhS 16. 241-244 pdf
  • Chitoran, I., L. Goldstein, and D. Byrd. 2002. Gestural Overlap and Recoverability: Articulatory Evidence from Georgian. In C. Gussenhoven and N. Warner (Eds.) Laboratory Phonology 7. Berlin, New York: Mouton de Gruyter. 419-447 pdf
  • Chitoran, I. 2002. The phonology and morphology of Romanian diphthongization. Probus 14. 205-246 pdf
  • Chitoran, I. 2002. A perception-production study of Romanian diphthongs and glide-vowel sequences. Journal of the International Phonetic Association 32:2. 203-222 pdf
  • Chitoran, I. 2001. The Phonology of Romanian: A Constraint-Based Approach. Berlin, New York: Mouton de Gruyter
  • Chitoran, I. 1998. Georgian harmonic clusters: phonetic cues to phonological representation. Phonology 15:2, 121-141 pdf
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